Nutrie Brand Partner Review – (My Confessions)

Nutrie Brand Partner Review, Personal Confessions and More…

Hey there,

So you’re  interested in becoming a Nutrie Brand Partner, right?

Cool, over the next few minutes I’ll be sharing with you all of the Automatic Body by Nutrie Brand partner details you need to know about.

I’ll tell you about our own personal experience (good and bad) as a Nutrie brand rep over the last year or so.

Hopefully, by the time you wrap up this article — you’ll know if becoming a brand partner at this time is the best thing for you.

And if you’re interested in learning how you can build an automated “hands free” business online… be sure to read all the way to the end, okay?

Okay cool, so let’s get right into it…

Nutrie Brand Partner Review

The Automatic Body by Nutrie brand partner program presents a great opportunity for anyone interested in making some extra income working from the comfort of home.

Even better is the Nutrie products and system you will be sharing with the world can help a lot of people lose weight and feel better about themselves.

The health and wellness industry grew by $27 BILLION DOLLARS in 2013 alone! (view source:)

My wife and I were lucky enough to be introduced to this great opportunity (and company) when it was first launched in early 2013.

Making extra money for ourselves and our family has been great but knowing the product and service we are sharing with others is truly making a difference in other peoples lives has been the most rewarding.

So, if you’re the type of person that wants to help other people look and feel great and make money —  this is the opportunity for you.

You have a few options to get started as an independent Nutrie Brand Partner.

Since the Brand partner agreement and compensation plan changes from time to time, I’ve provide direct links to those pages.

This way, you aren’t receiving wrong information from me and you can always checkout the current details of the program.

Each page will open in a new window so you won’t lose this page.

:: Click Here for the Brand Partner agreement page >>

:: Click Here to read the latest Compensation Plan details >>

As you can see from the image below – there are different levels to which you can  join the program.

Keep in mind that depending on which “level” you come in at will determine how much commission percentage you will receive per sale you make and per additional brand partner you bring on to the team.

Listed below are the 5 different buy in levels you can start at.

Nutrie Brand Partner

(Clicking on the images will take you straight to the Automatic Body Enroll Page)

There’s also another really affordable option to get started as a Brand Partner…

Nutrie Brand Partner

However, just like Automatic Body by Nutrie suggests, we also suggest at least starting at the $99 Basic Starter Pack so you have some product to try and pass out to people..

You won’t be able to pass out too much though (with the basic package) as you only get 24 bottles of Skinne.

My wife and I started at the $500 level when we got started. (But as you can see from the image above that level doesn’t even exist anymore.)

The highest level is only $299 – which is just a little more than half of what we paid. So take advantage.

Either way, you definitely need some extra product to try for yourself and to pass out to potential prospects.

Which brings us to my next point.

The little extra something I said I would hook you up with for joining our team as a Nutrie Brand Partner.

But let me first ask you…

What will you do after you join and you’ve exhausted your “warm list?”

You know, you’ve reached out to all your friends and family.

You’ve approached people at your kids school and at your place of employment.

You’ve reached out to your Facebook contacts and Twitter followers…

You’ve told everyone you can possibly think of…

Then what?

Wandering around Walmart, Starbucks or the mall  looking for potential customers?

That’s no fun… :(

… And is also why 95% of people will FAIL in this business.

They get in.

They get excited.

They tell everyone they know.

They run out of people to tell.

The get burnt out.

They get frustrated.

They get depressed.

Their business suffers.

… And they quit.

Sad but true.

Will this be you?

Who knows, maybe you’re already a savvy veteran of the Network Marketing industry and you’ve already built a huge team?

… And that’s great, we definitely wanna run with you.

But what if you’re a newbie?

What if you haven’t built a large team?

What if you have no idea where to even start?

What if you’re all alone in this?

This is where we come in.

Real quick, let me ask you…

How’d you find this post?

Google search?

Bing Search?

Yahoo search?

Probably one of those, right?

Some how – some way, you turned to the internet, typed in what you were looking for and here we are.

Now, what if we told you we easily show you how to do the same exact thing?

This way you don’t have to chase anyone ever again.

People who want what you’re selling come to you ready to buy.

That’s the way it should be, wouldn’t you agree?

That’s the beauty of the internet, technology, automation and systems.

This is what allows us to run a “hands free” business while spending more time with our kids.

Targeted leads and automated sales just keep showing up.

Best part is, you can be doing the same thing.

… And it’s easier than you might think.

Especially with our help.

I think you deserve to have major success in your business, don’t you?

If you’re ready to join us, click here to enroll.

Make sure you see “Josh and Glorimar Mason” as your sponsor.

Nutrie Brand Partner Review

… And after you sign up as a Nutrie brand partner, come back to this page and contact me to let me know you’re in.

(You’ll see our support email address on that page.)

Once we connect, I’ll personally help you get started building your business online.

… And honestly, we can’t wait!

Looking forward to working with you,

Nutrie Brand Partner

Josh and Glori Mason

Here for your success



P.S - If there’s anything we missed in this post that you would like to know — feel free to drop a comment below and we’ll get right back to you.   Also, if you found some value here today, be sure to click LIKE and SHARE! ;-)

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  1. Richard Perrow says

    Hello Josh/Glori,

    I am excited about this opportunity to make money. I’m a little nervous as it’s my first time starting anything like this and I’m also on a very tight budget. Is there any tricks to getting started with little to no budget?

    Thanks you,

    Richard (Brian) Perrow

    • Automatic Body says

      Hey Richard, Thanks for reaching out. Sorry about the delay in getting back to you as we just now saw your message buried in our SPAM folder. :( As far as your question goes, there’s definitely “creative” ways to market your business with little to no funds. Actually, pretty much all of our marketing is through various free traffic sources. If you decide to lock arms with us, we can show you exactly what we do to get traffic to our Nutrie business 24/7 around the clock for basically free using the internet.. That’s one of the major bonuses we offer for joining our team. :) Nothing tricky about it though, you just gotta dig in and make it happen.

      Best thing to do Richard, is connect with me on Facebook and I can answer any other questions you might have!

      Looking forward to hearing from you…

      Talk soon,

      Here’s where you can reach me:

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