Is Nutrie A Scam?

Is Nutrie a scam or a legitimate business for you to explore?

Today, we’ll address the Nutrie scam concerns and provide valuable insight to why we believe some people may claim it’s a scam.

… And although my wife Glori and I are independent brand partners for Nutrie, we promise to keep it real in this post and not feed you a bunch of hype and fluff.

Fair enough?


So let’s begin…

Is Nutrie A Scam?

As we get started, it’s important to first understand two things…

And that is…

1. Nutrie is a weight loss/weight management program

2. Nutrie is also a work from home business opportunity.

Anytime you are talking about a business opportunity (especially network marketing) some people will automatically assume it’s some sort of pyramid scheme.

Also, when you are dealing with another weight loss product on the market many people will be skeptical of anything to do with weight loss.

It’s just human nature.

We’ll assure you neither is a scam.

Here’s why…

Let’s start with the actual products.

There’s no denying that the products are proven to work and people are having great success using the Automatic Body by Nutrie program.

Results and proof are everywhere.

Each month for over the last year Nutrie has given away cash prizes to the biggest transformation stories out there.

Our friend Mikki Gayle was one of the original Nutrie product users and to date has lost over 100 lbs. :-)

(We actually did a Google Hangout interview with Mikki recently but unfortunately the audio came out messed up — when we do another one we will certainly get it posted for you to see).

Mikki’s just one of the hundreds of people that has come forward sharing their incredible stories and transformation results.

She’s been a real inspiration for many…

Is Nutrie A Scam

Plain and simple, after over 2 years of product development, the creators of Nutrie have nailed it on the head with their products and revolutionary phone app system.

Then, you add a superstar celebrity trainer like Kim Lyons and it’s a wrap!

Is Nutrie A Scam Part 2

As mentioned above, Automatic Body by Nutrie is also a business opportunity for those interested in making money while helping others live and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

The biz op works like a traditional Network Marketing company.

… And anytime you are talking about Network Marketing, you are ALWAYS gonna find naysayers claiming it’s a scam.

What we’ve noticed throughout our Network Marketing career is that some people absolutely love the idea of network marketing and the business model it provides.

While others absolutely despise it.

… And some will never change their opinion on network marketing.

We should note that from our experience, the network marketing haters often times simply don’t understand the concept or they are making judgments based on false information.

… And that’s okay. (for them)’

We’re not here to convince anyone that network marketing is a great business model and that it absolutely works.

It’s also important to note that YES, there has been companies in the past that were scams and pyramid schemes which undoubtedly has tainted network marketing and left a bad taste in some peoples mouth.

We understand that.

Bottom line though is that if you actually have a tangible product that you can sell, one that’s proven to help people, it cannot be a scam.

And of course we have that at Nutrie with the Skinne, Fuel and Energe drinks.

Another reason we believe many people claim network marketing to be a scam is because unfortunately a staggering 95% of network marketers fail in their business.

Sad but true.

We won’t get into all of the reasons for the amount of overwhelming failure but in a nutshell, traditional network marketing (teaching) consists of you and I going out, pounding the pavement, hitting up friends and family, doing 3-way calls and hosting awkward home parties.

What happens when you run out of friends and family to harass?

… Or you get sick of hosting home parties?

… Or you don’t feel comfortable approaching random strangers at Walmart or Starbucks?

You quit.

… And your business suffers.

That’s just the reality.

Luckily, we’ve discovered a better way.

A way that requires us to run a hands free business without ever calling up Aunt Judy.

A way that brings people to us that are actually interested in what we have to offer.

It’s much better this way.

At least to us.

So, if you are here considering joining Nutrie as a business opportunity, don’t you think it makes sense to lock arms with us so we can help you and show you a better way?

If so, click here to enroll on our team.

If you’re not interested in earning extra money from the comfort of home and you’d rather just buy some product and join the program, no worries…

This link will take you to Automatic Body by Nutrie official site.

Either way, we hope you found this article informative and valuable.

In our honest opinion, after being with Nutrie from damn near the very beginning, we know for sure Nutrie is not a scam.

If you disagree, that’s cool, let us know in the comments below and we’d love to hear why you think so.

(*Please be polite about it or we’ll simply delete your comment)

If you feel we didn’t address all of your Nutrie scam concerns, please let us know so we can handle that for you (and future readers) as well.

Thanks again for being here.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Nutrie Scam Busters,

Josh & Glori Mason

Is Nutrie A Scam


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