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Did you know? – 80% of people that do diets, gain all their weight back in 2 years or less!

What is Automatic Body?

Automatic Body, Co-created by Kim Lyons of The Biggest Loser, Dr. Phil’s Weight Loss Challenge, and The Dr. Oz Show is the revolutionary weight loss/weight management program designed to help you achieve a healthy lifestyle through “one small change” per week.

By making this “one small change” per week you are training your body and your mind to form habits that will not only get you to peak health, but will also keep you at peak health, over the long-term.

The daily steps you need to take in order to achieve optimal health are delivered via the Automatic Body phone app. The cutting edge application (a first of it’s kind) delivers weekly content and daily notification’s designed to help you stay encouraged, accountable and connected.

It’s like having a personal trainer in your pocket and an entire support system at your fingertips!

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what is automatic body

Membership is Absolutely Free! – You Simply Need a Coach or Referral Code.

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The Automatic Body App

Imagine finally slimming down to your ideal weight while feeling years younger — just by making “one small change” daily to your lifestyle.

We’re proud to say… It’s happening for people all around the world!

So… How Does the Automatic Body Program Work, Exactly?

You do these small, unnoticeable things each week and let them do their work.

These small steps won’t seem like much but when you add them together and compound the results over a few weeks you will start seeing amazing things happen.

You can follow the program anywhere at any time without having to rearrange your life with some over the top diet program!

Every week you will get a new video from Kim that will show up on your Automatic Body phone app or an email telling you exactly what to do.

Everything is scheduled for you.

No thinking required.

It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3

1. Sign up

2. Set your goals

3. Choose your pack and follow the program

There are 3 products that work seamlessly with the program.

They are tasty and packaged in a way that makes it easy for you to stay on track.

How’s that for a change?

Easy to stay on track…

The Automatic Body phone app will tell you exactly what you need to do in order to re-shape and train your body.

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The Automatic Body Products

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Skinné – Fuel – Energé

what is automatic bodywhat is automatic bodywhat is automatic body


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The Automatic Body program will tell you how and when to incorporate these products into your lifestyle.

You just sit back and let Automatic Body do the work for you.

These changes will have you form healthy habits that you will apply to your future life.

Automatic Body: No more boot-camps, no more tasteless meals and no more diet re-lapse.

Automatic Body = Results.

With Automatic Body – people are finally getting real results!

Mikki Gayle of Pasadena, California — Lost 122 lbs. Following the Automatic Body Program

automatic body results mikki gayle

Michael Goodson from Oakdale, California lost 90 pounds using the Automatic Body system.

nutrie results michael goodson

Justin Brooks lost a whopping 70 lbs following the Automatic Body system.

automatic body results justin brooks

Misty Dettling from Sexsmith, Alberta lost 28 lbs following the Automatic Body system.

automatic body results misty dettling

See more results here


What Makes Automatic Body So Simple?

No boot-camps, crash diets or weight relapse.

Every product comes prepackaged for you so you can take them on the go! (Perfect for a busy lifestyle!)

  • No Mixing
  • No Blending
  • No Powders
  • No Pills

Get the body you’ve always dreamed of with Automatic Body!

You are going to love this program – Guaranteed or Your Money Back!

Membership is Absolutely Free! — You Simply Need a Coach or Referral Code.

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